There's life in the old dog yet - Rebuilding Turbochargers

Rebuilt Turbocharger

Result of repair

Although turbochargers are designed for a very long life, often comes back to damages due to inadequate maintenance and care.

In most workshops, broken turbocharger are usually exchanged against new parts. This is mostly unnecessary, instead often sufficient a repair.

With our know-how and our high quality equipment, we are able to repair your turbocharger successfully.

With a repair by the Turboservice24 Ltd you can save up to 50% compared to a new one.

Procedure of a turbocharger repair

1st Send in for repair

Please send your turbocharger well packed to:

Turboservice24 Ltd
84 Green Lanes
N16 9AH London

Please be sure to include a letter with your address, your telephone and / or mobile phone number and - if applicable - your e-mail address. Otherwise, we can not assign your sending.

Tip: You can visit us in our workshop weekdays between 9:30 am and 6 pm and receive on-site a price quote for the repair immediate.

2nd Receipt of your turbocharger

Immediately after we receive the broken turbocharger we will provide customer with receipt stating the expected processing time.

3rd Quotation

After a professional test, you will receive a quote from us for release of the repair.

4th Your release

If you agree, just send the signed quotation by fax / e-mail back to us.

5th The repair

We immediately start the repair, which takes only one business day. Of course, we only use original spare parts and professional equipment to repair your turbocharger.

6th Free shipping

We will send your reconditioned turbocharger including information documents to you.